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Samaire Provost
Publication date: January 24th 2018
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy

In an abandoned warehouse in Manhattan, two enemies battle to the death, while outside, a malevolent entity watches and waits and plots, eager for blood. On an island in the heart of Seattle, an immortal princess struggles to lead a normal life just as a flood of terrifying creatures starts to pour in through a portal that should not be there. A young man meets a classmate while walking home from the college library, and embarks on the most dangerous adventure he’s ever known – will he survive? A deranged madman hunts the girl he’s lusted after for a century, in a relentless pursuit for vengeance. A prehistoric, mythical beast jealously guards a primeval land, which is leaking into present-day Seattle. A sweet, forbidden passion blossoms between two lovers who steal moments whenever they can, while unbeknownst to them, they’re hunted by a deadly creature.

A royal family threatened at its weakest – yet lethal in its own right – is stalked by an ancient evil that will not rest until they are utterly destroyed: a nightmare incarnate that has waited millions of years for revenge threatens the very existence of the young lovers and their family.

Will they prevail?

Brandy's Book Nook Review


This book is an mix of several different things all swirled together. The description, at least to me, makes it sound like it's on the horror side of things.
It's not really that scary to me. There is romance, but the scenes are a mix of over the top emotions and no real details. The author is trying to convey a deep
emotional connection during these scenes, but the description of what they are doing is more like what written for someone around 16-18. It comes across a little off.

There is also a crazy mix of magical creatures, time travel, and an unknown monster tracking something unknown throughout the book. It feels like there is too much
going on, and there would have been more depth to the storyline if the book were longer or broken up into a serial. More world building or character development would
have made a more emotional impact on the reader, drawing them in deeper to the story.

All of that being said, I still give it three stars. In a strange way the author does make it work. Nothing feels unnecessary or just thrown into the story for no reason.
Anna is just trying to live her life even though she's stalked by a crazy, obsessed mad man who wants to kill her and her family. She shows her new boyfriend the beauty
in the night that modern man has forgotten, and introduces the reader to types of fairies I've never heard of. Plus I may just be partial to the dragon lol.

In all it's not a bad story, just a crazy mix of several types genres. If you don't mind a bit of a wild ride in a small book with magic and monsters you'll enjoy this one.

About the Author

Samaire Provost lives in California with her husband and son.
Her love of paranormal stories, odd plots, and unique tales as well as the works of Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Susan Cooper, Madeleine L’Engle and Stephen King has deeply influenced her writing.

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