Brandy's Book Nook: Review Queen of Dragons, MA YA

Queen of Dragons: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling
(Kingdom of Fairytales Sleeping Beauty Book 1)


J.A. Armitage


This series is set to take place after the original fairy tales end and pick up some years afterward with the next generation. I do suggest reading the prequel to the series which is a set of short stories that covers the end of each fairy tale that the series is going to follow. However, these are not exactly the sweet disney version of the tales. The prequel stories show that these follow up stories will have some harshness to them. These characters are going to suffer if the prequel is any indication.

I really, really like the way this series has started. Queen of Dragons is about Sleeping Beauty's children, specifically her daughter. The world building is excellent and the story line keeps you hooked the whole way through.

This princess is bold, determined, and wants to live life before settling down. The trouble is her parents have decided she needs a husband to help take care of her and her kingdom. Trouble is that they haven't told her about their decision and when her would be husband sneaks in to meet her in private before all the formal business, things do not go well. When she finds out why he's really there she lies and says she is dating a guard. Trouble is the guard has a crush and decides to play along. Things get interesting really fast. Trouble is that her parents still haven't told her everything especially why they feel she needs a husband to help protect the kingdom. Dark magic is on the rise and signs are pointing to some dark days ahead.

I would say it's good for mature teens on up. There's no adult content.It is available in KU and can be found at the following link:


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