Brandy's Book Nook - The Hunting Town Review

The Hunting Town
Elizabeth Stephens


I really had to sit and let my feelings about this book flow back and forth for a while. I do want to say front and center this is a violent book. No ifs, ands or buts about it. If this was a movie it would get an R for violence if not higher, and then you add in the adult content and you have a book that I would say should be 21+. My husband is in the military and I stopped in the middle of reading to give him the following quote that I think might give a good idea on the violence level:

"Aiden appears behind him like a more monstrous shadow, mirroring the first image. For each of Clifton's weapons, he carries two. He has a knife under his right arm and two on his belt, Rugers decorate his shoulders and sides like Christmas ornaments, two with silencer attachments, and when he turns to swing on his jean coat with the wool lining, I catch a glimpse of a string of hand grenades strapped beneath a floating Steyr machine pistol."

When these brothers go to war it is no joke. That being said they love just as hard as they fight. None of them know how to deal with their feelings well due to being in and out of foster homes, so their personal lives are a mess. When Knox meets Mer at the fighting pit the brothers run as one of their businesses it sets of a chain reaction that is as bloody as it is beautiful. 

There is a symmetry to the story line that flows like ripples in a bond. Cause and effect compounding as the story unfolds. The other thing about this book is the length. This is not a short story or small book by any means. It through me off guard a little bit, and I realize that I've become somewhat accustom to shorter books. You should know that even though it is a longer book, it is not full of useless information or "fluff". Everything in it is a necessary part of the whole picture, and takes you on a roller coaster of different shocking decisions, are they safe? moments, and let me show you I love you in the only way I know how heart breaks. 

Over all I gave it a 5 star rating: one because of the complex, but fluid story line, and two because of  the complex characters that grow through the story, and force you to respect them and care about them in the end even when you didn't want to because you thought they were monsters. Sometimes you become a monster to survive and that's what this book is, a fight for survival.


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