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HOT LAP by Arkadia Fast #2 by Leslie Scott ***Spotlight -- Giveaway***

Hot LapArkadia Fast #2by Leslie Scott Genre: New Adult Romance Release Date: March 6, 2019

Starting a new life isn't easy when the skeletons locked in her closet are the notorious town drunk for a father and a haunted past. But, Hadley Morgan isn't one to shy away from second chances or giving them either.

When a young, single father wrapped up in an octane fueled package takes particular interest in her, she begins to dream. But well-known drag racer Aiden Casey is also her boss, making her hesitate to grab at her chance at happiness.

Will her secrets shatter their chance at love or will his past come back to destroy both of them?

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About the Author
Leslie spends most days attempting to wrangle the voices in her head and often wishes she could clone herself so that their stories get told faster. She loves words, romance, and characters that feel like family and spends almost all of her free time with her own family; including a boisterous …

Whom Shall I Kiss...An Earl, A Marquess, or a Duke? Tricking the Scoundrels Book 1 By Laura A. Barnes ***Spotlight -- Giveaway***

Whom Shall I Kiss...An Earl, A Marquess, or a Duke?Tricking the Scoundrels Book 1By Laura A. Barnes Genre: Historical Romance

What started as a research project soon became a scandal...
She wanted to prove a theory. He wanted to play a game. Can their schemes lead them towards a kiss of love?

Tired of watching her friends become ruined by the scoundrels of the ton, Sidney Hartridge devises an experiment to reveal their antics. Her plan is to lure three gentlemen to kiss her and see how they would protect her honor. When her research leads her into her own inappropriate scandal, her father agrees to a wedding offer from one of her subjects. As her fiancĂ© blackmails her into a marriage she doesn’t desire, her research becomes exposed. Can Sidney avoid her own scandal with the one she most desires to kiss?

Noah Wildeburg started this season as any other by flirting with the sweet new debutantes. When he rescues a lady off the dance floor, he is unprepared for the emotions she stirs in his …

THE BOOKTUBE YOUR SHELF DAILY READER TURNS ONE ***Spotlight -- Giveaway*** Join the Celebration

The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader turns one year old this March. [Cue the party music!] The time has flown by so quickly. My to-be-read list has expanded even faster. As a reader, you know that is both a good and bad thing. LOL!
About the NewspaperYouTube for the Bookish? is the second most visited website in the world - where over 1.9 billion logged-in users visit each month. And each day, people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. While many people are aware of the music videos, make-up channels and gaming channels on the platform, far fewer know about the great bookish content available on YouTube. BookTube is a community of content creators on YouTube that film videos about books. The BookTube Your Shelf Daily Reader is a daily online newspaper featuring social shares from booktubers (including authortubers) and some bookish neighbors (like bloggers and readers). Are you familiar with BookTube?

Once Upon A Time... Between changes in You…

TAKEN BY LIES by Ella Miles (Truth or Lies, #1) ***Excerpt -- Giveaway***

Taken by Lies by Ella Miles (Truth or Lies, #1)
Publication date: March 26th 2019 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense At 16 I was taken.
Kidnapped by a boy I thought I could love.
Then he sold me as if I were property.
For three years I endured.
I never broke.
I was strong, determined, resilient.
But then one day it happened…I broke.
Setting me free.
I should have run away, found a new life, and started over.
Instead, I returned.
To find the man who sold me.

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For one thousand and ninety-five days I’ve done everything to keep myself from breaking.
Shut off my mind off during the beatings.
Escaped the depths of the darkness in the night.
Locked down my body during the rapes.
Imagined a new life when I was tortured.
Gritted my teeth through the violations.
Tried every tactic I needed to survive.
Closing myself away.
Envisioning a better life.
Plotting my revenge.
None of the strategie…

THE DESCENDANTS - Rise of the Reaper Army The Descendants Book One by Nikki Lee Taylor -- Can they save our world from becoming Hell on Earth? ***Excerpt***

The Descendants - Rise of the Reaper ArmyThe Descendants 
Book Oneby Nikki Lee Taylor Genre: Urban Fantasy | Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Magnolia Media Group
Date of Publication: 1, January 2019
ISBN: 1793207593
Number of pages: 280
Word Count: 82,019
Cover Artist: Nikki Lee Taylor

Can they save our world from becoming Hell on Earth? 
When the apex predators of the forest begin acting strange, former Army Captain Gabriel Stone knows something is wrong. Change is all around. He can sense it in the earth and feel it in on the wind. Something is coming…

After being attacked by a vampire, Gabriel thinks his 'life' is over. Alone, confused and with no choice other than to hide out, alone in an old forest cabin, Gabriel has sworn to find and kill the creature that changed him. But when the hunt leads him to an old farmhouse and he encounters the fiery, beautiful and headstrong Aurora, Gabriel's world is turned upside down as he quickly realises not every…

CURSED LANDS ANTHOLOGY -- 22 Exclusive page turning tales from today's bestselling and award winning Authors. ***Trailer -- Giveaway***

Cursed Lands AnthologyGenre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dystopian

Mysterious strangers. Hidden abilities. Inescapable darkness…
Join our courageous heroines and heroes as they battle demons, governments, and secret organizations in worlds where fae, vampires, angels, witches, humans, and more fight for survival.

Cursed Lands will lead you through one doomed world after another in this haunting dystopian, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance boxed set. Inside, you’ll find 22 exclusive, page-turning tales from today’s bestselling and award-winning authors.

Do you dare venture into Cursed Lands, where magic, danger, and romance lurk between the shadows and the light?

One-click today to indulge in over 100 hours of bewitching young adult and new adult reads in this epic limited time collection.

With stories by: 
RWA Award Winners Kim Cresswell and M.K. Chester
Emma Hamm
Nina Walker
Claire Luana
Dorothy Dreyer
Elle Scott 
A.J. Flowers 
Krista Street 
Alison Ingleby 
Angela Kulig and Tay…

The Last Wingman by Daisy Prescott (Wingmen #6) ***Excerpt -- Giveaway***

The Last Wingman Daisy Prescott (Wingmen #6)

Publication date: March 7th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
The Last Wingman is a standalone enemies to lovers romance.

Jonah Kingston is the last wingman standing.
June Moxee doesn’t care if he’s the last man on earth.

I haven’t exactly avoided relationships, but love has never been a priority. Solitude doesn’t bother me and being alone doesn’t mean being lonely. Until she moved to the island and I had to reconsider everything.

June seems content running her yarn shop, knitting with the local church ladies, and avoiding me. She’s a temptress in a hand-knit sweater. And for some reason, she’s not a fan of mine. It might be the tattoos. Or the beard. Or the fact that we’re polar opposites.

A woman has finally caught my attention. Too bad she thinks she hates me. Good thing I’m stubborn enough to try to change her mind.

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An old-fashioned brass bell jingles when I open the door to June’…

THE BLOODSTONE SERIES by Chris Karlsen ***Spotlight -- Giveaway***

The Bloodstone Series Historical Thriller Date Published: Feb. 21, 2019 Publisher: Books to Go Now

The set contains three stories centered around Victorian Detective Inspector Rudyard Bloodstone. In Silk, the first in the series and set in 1888, the same year as the Ripper murders, Detective Bloodstone is chasing his own serial killer. With little evidence to go on, his few leads bring him under political scrutiny when his investigation results in a clash with an influential Viscount.
Snifter of Death is book two in the series. When a rash of wealthy men who have nothing in common other than the cause of their deaths...arsenic poisoning, Rudyard and his partner struggle as every lead they have ends up a dead end. The tip they need comes from an unusual source and they must peel the layers of the case away to discover the revenge filled suspect.
Choosing Heart or Home is the one story in the set that doesn’t have Rudyard working a criminal case. It is a warm-hearted romance set during Christ…