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Shadow Reaper: Shadowlands Book 1

by Amos Cassidy


I was trying to decide what book to review first, and although somewhat random. I finished this one this morning and it really made an impression, so I figured why not?

Where to start? Well the book blurb on Amazon is a little sparse, and with good reason. It’s a hard story to describe without giving anything away. Ashling or Ash to her friends, lives with her twin Clay in a shelter of sorts. Clay is an engineer who fixes things and Ash is a reaper who goes out looking for supplies in what’s left of the world. It’s got post-apocalyptic sides to it, but it is the fantasy side that really got my mind going. It’s not war or anything man made that took away the sun and moon, but our world merging with others. More than one. This makes endless possibilities for what can kill you. After a couple of encounters your mind is racing with what else could be out there for Ash and the other reapers to run in to.

The more you learn the more your imagination goes wild. At least mine did. It has been a while since a fantasy novel really got me going on the fantasy part. To tell you honestly there were parts where I’m not sure if the monster described was worse or better than the one I had started putting together in my head. However, appearances can be deceiving, and Ash finds help in the strangest places.

Ash finds herself on some mind binding adventures, and learns that she herself isn’t as normal as she thought she was. She is a tough character, but her stubbornness leads to some bad situations where she learns some tough lessons. It’s not often that you have a main character called to task so harshly in a story when they mess up. It lends a very real feel to the story line.

There is some adult content, as well as her twin being in a M/M relationship. Also, there is violence, and slaves with descriptions on some of their punishments if they anger their master. I would recommend this book for 18+.

This book is part of a three book series, and does end on a slight cliff hanger. However, all three books are in KU for those who have a membership. You can find it at the following link:

Please feel free to ask me questions if you think you might be offended by anything.


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