Brandy's Book Nook's 1st Event!

I have returned from a fabulous event in Peoria, IL called Writers on the River where I met and mingled with 80 authors! I was on a mission to pick up awesome books, and awesome swag. I do believe we might be cooking up a give away soon, so keep your eyes peeled! If anyone is interested in checking out the event here is the link to the main page:

The ladies in charge of the event do a great job, and are very organized. VIP gets in an hour early, and the room is well organized, so people can flow from table to table easily. Saturday night there is an after party with food, drinks, a fun picture booth with props, and a DJ. Who doesn't love partying with their favorite author? Plus all proceeds go to two wonderful charities called Thistle Farms and The Center for the Prevention of Abuse.

I also suggest following their FB page as they do contests, and signing authors promote and mingle with fans there. If your interested you can find it at the following link:

All authors getting ready for the official group photo

Me waiting to get in with the VIP, yes this is the bag that I had signed for the giveaway!

A wonderful author and her hot cover model, and I have 2 signed pics of him to give away!!

If you ever get the chance stop and chat with Elissa, she is so nice!

This super awesome quilt was made by an author's mom and has a book for every author with their names on them and was raffled along with several other things.

I have a couple of pictures from the after party, but they didn't turn out very well as I was having too much fun lol. Remember keep your eyes peeled for the give away, and if you have the chance I highly encourage you to attend this event next year it is well worth it!


  1. Thanks you for the praise about the event. We, the organizers, work day and night to make it amazing for everyone!!

    1. Your so welcome! I attended last year and this year, and both events were a blast. Keep up the good work!


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