Brandy's Book Nook: review The Lucidites

The Lucidites (3 book series)


Sarah Noffke


I want to introduce everyone to Sarah Noffke's work. She is one of the few YA authors that I have no trouble hitting the one click button on Amazon for. She has four different series at the moment, and the Lucidites have something to do with all of them. I highly recommend starting here with the Lucidite trilogy.

This story is about Roya, and how she finds out that her parents are not really her parents, and that she was hidden there for her protection. There is a whole family she never new she had, complete with enemies who want nothing more than to kill her due to a prediction that she will defeat one of the greatest enemies the Lucidites have ever known. 

The Lucidites are a group of people who are conscious while dreaming. In their dreams they can travel the world and even go back to past events. Most have gifts, and they use these gifts to protect the world. This series will introduce you to their history, talents, and how they ended up in The Institute.

Roya gets a crash course in dream traveling and trying to learn her new abilities all before the big event that could mean the end of everything. If this were a movie it would be rated PG 13 for the fighting. There is no adult content, but it will run you through an emotional roller coaster. Roya and her friends are all teens, so there is the usual insecurities plus the added stress of not feeling like she belongs fueled by the threat of imminent death. I really think this would be an awesome movie due to the different events they go watch in history, but especially for things like she wanted to learn how to be a better fighter, so one night she went back in the past and watched Bruce Lee teaching his students. How cool would that be?

You can find the entire series on Amazon here at the following link, and they are all in KU.


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