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Ren Lewis: The Man Behind the Monster (4 book series)


Sarah Noffke


Last week I brought you The Lucidite series by Sarah Noffke. This week I had to tell you about the Ren Lewis series. Ren plays an important part in the Lucidites, but it is here where you learn all about the man, and why he is so mean. It is here that Noffke's talents to weave a story really shine. 

Ren is a dream traveler with the abilities of mind control, hypnotism, and reading thoughts. He is also a genius which sets him above most others in figuring out strategies, and stopping terrorists. However, this leads to a lonely life. Who would want to know exactly what your partner is thinking all the time? 

As his story unfolds you will find yourself unavoidably liking and starting to care about Ren. When I first read the Lucidite series it was for a FB reading group and Sarah Noffke joined us. Everyone who had read the Ren series kept talking about how much they loved him. I didn't get it. He's a major jerk. What the heck? So I picked up the first book, and became just as crazy over him. He isn't a people person and doesn't put up with stupid people or people doing stupid things. His British snark is hilarious, and there were moments I was rolling with laughter. We all have moments where we just can't believe how dense someone is. Ren is the one saying all of the things we wish we could at those moments in a way that is so epic it makes people's eyes pop. 

Beneath it all though, is someone who still cares enough to save the world and the people in it. He loves his mom and dad with a fierceness that is close to worship, and the few that he lets close enough to be true friends he is just as devoted. He would never admit it of course because he is just as snarky with them, but they take it with a smile and keep on going.

This is also a YA series, I would just recommend 14+ due to snark and wit. I finished the series in audio, and the narrator does an amazing job with a great accent. There is another series by Noffke called the Reverians. It takes place around the same time frame as the 2nd book in this series. I read through 1-3 of the Ren series before the Reverians as book four was not out yet. It's not going to make much difference which order you read them in as Ren makes a small appearance in the Reverians, but it is about some of his family members.

You can find the Ren series on Amazon at the following link, it is also in KU:
Or you can find the series on audible here:


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