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The Same, by Author Brona Mills: How Much of the past do you need to change to keep everyone you love alive? **Excerpt-Giveaway**

The Same Time 
Brona Mills
(Time Series, #2)

Publication date: April 23rd 2018
Genres: Adult, Science Fiction, Time-Travel

A brave young mother, a time-traveling good Samaritan, and a love that must endure the tests of time…

Stella is fighting against her circumstances. Pregnant and caring for her own mother, twenty-one-year-old Stella is tough, and doing the best she can.Butin her darkest hour, helparrives in the form of a handsome and mysterious man who knows more about her than seems reasonable.

A scientist, David has unlocked the keys to time travel and uses his knowledge to save Stella’s life, over and over.But will David turn out to be her salvation, or the beginning of her greatest heartbreak? While David strives to assist Stella on her path, he does so without realizing he may be risking his chances of returning safely to his own time in the process.

When Stella meets a younger David on her own timeline—long before his time traveling days have begun—they begin a love affair that …

A Character Interview with Dakota Hamilton, A Witch from Demon Saga, Volume Two, by Author Raven Williams

Genre: Epic Fantasy

And the quest continues. Will the prophecy be fulfilled, or is the Universe doomed to Darkness?

Five guardians have been found, but four remain a mystery. While Mareena and her Sister-Witches work hard, using every magical means possible to find them, the forces of Darkness are up to their evil tricks, and the remaining four Witches are beset by evil manipulations wherever they turn.

Will they make it to Wolf Village and join the Coven or will evil triumph? If they do make it, will the re-formed Coven be able to defeat the Dark Mother, Lilith, the she-demon, Aisabahl, and their minions? Will Alessandra, the Vampire Queen, aid Raven Coven, or will she finally choose to stand with the forces of Darkness. It's only a matter of time before the final battle begins.

Coming Soon

An Interview with Dakota Hamilton, one of the witches from Raven Coven in Demon Stones Saga, Volume Two

Thank you for Interviewing with me today Dakota.
Thanks, Jena. It’s a pleasure to …

A Taker of Morrows by Author Stephen Paul Sayers: RG Granville has his whole life in front of him…but only twenty-four hours to live it. **Excerpt-Giveaway**

A Taker of Morrows
Stephen Paul Sayers
(Caretakers, #1)
Publication date: June 15th 2018
Genres: Adult, Horror, Supernatural, Thriller

RG Granville has his whole life in front of him…but only twenty-four hours to live it.

Beyond life’s boundaries, an enduring battle between good and evil determines the fate of earthly souls. Here, ‘caretakers’ guard and protect against the evil and vengeful ‘jumpers’ who slip back and forth between worlds to prey upon the living.

For one man, news of his impending demise sets off a deadly chain of events fueled by a jumper’s burning vengeance. Now he’s in a race against time to stop an unrelenting evil unleashed upon the earth. And if he’s to protect his family, and the world, he must breach the tenuous boundary between life and death to confront a killer—and a shocking secret from his long-buried past.

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“Hello, Robert.” The stranger advanced toward him. “You’re late.”

RG steadied himself against the entryway table as his heart lu…

Guest Post by Kim Cresswell, Author of Deadly Shadow: Two recent murders. Two serial killers. A conspiracy that reaches beyond the physical world. **Giveaway**

Deadly Shadow
The Assassin Chronicles Book 1
by Kim Cresswell
Genre: Paranormal Suspense Thriller

The Assassin Chronicles TV series is in development with Council Tree Productions.
Two recent murders. Two serial killers. A conspiracy that reaches beyond the physical world. 
Consumed with grief over the tragic death of her husband, FBI agent Victory McClane is obsessed with finding Ohio's serial killer, "The Wrapper".

When another young woman turns up dead and the victim is linked to Derrick Lynn, son of the Secretary of Defense, Victory finds Derrick has all the right answers and is a little too helpful.

Derrick has a secret: He's a government assassin who uses his unusual paranormal skills to eliminate targets. Determined to keep his own secrets buried, he offers to help find The Wrapper.

But can Victory trust him?

As the body count rises, Victory must cross a dangerous line--into a world of government cover-ups, murder, and betrayal--a decision that will test her limi…

Interview with **Only the Beginning** Author: Daphne Dubois **Giveaway**

Only the Beginning
Daphne Dubois
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Date of Publication: 25 April 2018
ISBN: 978-1-5092-2034-2
ASIN: 978-1-5092-2035-9
Number of pages: 264
Word Count: 63,300

Taking your best friend’s place on a blind date to let the guy down easy was the plan, taking him to bed wasn’t!

After a heartbreaking betrayal, Melissa Legacy shuns romance. So when her best friend joins the Lovers Oasis website and fears her fiancé will find out, Melissa agrees to meet the anonymous Romeo, prepared to explain her friend’s change of heart—then she sees him.

Failing restaurant entrepreneur, Craig Wheaton hasn’t been home since his mother’s tragic death. Now he’s back to confront his demons and stand beside his brother as best man. Dreading the reunion, he agrees to meet his avatar lover, but at the last moment he reconsiders the arrangement—until he lays eyes on her.

When Craig assumes Melissa is his online consort, she impulsively plays along, result…

Not Her Gargoyle by Author Annie Nicholas **.99 cents One week only - Excerpt - Giveaway**

Not Her Gargoyle
Annie Nicholas
Publication date: June 18th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Ruby is done with jerks, dead-end jobs, and eviction notices. Everyone else she knows is finding ways out of this crappy neighborhood, so why can’t she? Since opportunities refuse to fall from the sky, Ruby makes her own. To hell with the little voice in her heart whispering about love. She never met a man she wanted to keep…then she met a gargoyle. Men were boring after all.

Nick was a con, a thief, and a rogue. He couldn’t keep a dime in his pocket even if it was glued. Then he met a ruby. Not one from the earth but one of flesh and blood. And ass. Let’s not forget the ass. Stealing her heart was now all he wanted.

He has a plan that could make both their dreams come true. It only involves an itsy-bitsy risk. All they must do is rob a witch.

Oh, and avoid the dragons.

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Grab your copy for only 99¢ during release week only!

A distant dragon roar made Nick miss a…

Hart of Darkness by Author S.B. Alexander: The road to love is paved in the dark. **Excerpt-Teaser-Giveaway**

Hart of Darkness 
S.B. Alexander
Publication date: June 12th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

The road to love is paved in the dark.

Former gang member Dillon Hart abandoned the streets to join the US Merchant Marines. He feels his life is finally on track until he returns home to discover that his sixteen-year-old sister is missing. With his younger brother in jail and his older brother living a life of crime, it’s up to Dillon to find Grace. After four years of searching, a phone call from a morgue gives him a lead that he can’t pass up. Enlisting the help of a cutthroat reporter may be his only hope.

Crime reporter Maggie Marx has just the right mix of grit and sex appeal to get anything she wants, even the darkest stories on the street. Growing up in a gang, she had her fair share of setbacks and obstacles. When Dillon Hart seeks her help, she’s more than ready to take down the street’s biggest enemy. Her actions could help her exact revenge or land her in the belly of the beast.