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Virtual FantasyCon Spotlight: Award Winning Author Renea Mason - Read Chapter One: Symphony of Light and Winter

Genre: Fantasy, Urban fantasy, Paranormal, Erotica Adult Content

For Linden Hill, life was predictable–go to work, an occasional drink with friends, and repeat–until one unexpected night when she finds herself face-to-face with her past–all six-foot-five-inches of sex-god perfection she once knew as Cyril. The problem? He died. Or so she thought.

But Linden’s long-lost love isn’t welcoming her with open arms. Fueled by suspicion and doubt, their turbulent re-acquaintance drives Cyril to desperate acts. The chance at renewing their love is jeopardized, pulling Linden into his war with supernatural rivals hell-bent on his destruction.
Defeating the enemy seems easy compared to surviving each other. With hunger threatening to consume them, and love begging to endure, can Linden learn to accept who she must become to save them both?

There was no warning. No ambiguous fortune in a cookie, no wrinkled blind woman who answered to the name Oracle, no chain…

Virtual FantasyCon Participant Guest Post by Author Mary Woldering

The Story of Me -- and the novels in Children of Stone By Mary Woldering
One of the things I’m often asked by readers is “Where did you get your ideas?” I’ve always been a bit hesitant, because the answer is “Far out”.

Let me begin my answer by asking another question: “Do you believe in psychic phenomenon?” Some of you will answer yes, more will answer maybe, and on the other end of the Bell curve there will be “no” answers.

Because I am in the “yes, I believe” category, I know I should explain.  I believe in something external to things the five senses can grasp. I don’t know what it is. In fact, I am what you would call a skeptic.  I do know that I’ve had enough strange experiences that chalking them up to coincidence is getting harder.

The next part of the answer, is MY answer.  My ideas come from dreams, meditations and visions. My series Children of Stone is based on these. So are my novellas and spinoffs. My short story “Ana’s Dream of Flying” (soon to be published in Dreamtim…

Virtual FantasyCon Participant: A Quirky Interview from Author Rick Hayes

Sitting down for a Quirky Interview with Fantasy Author Rick Hayes

What made you decide you wanted to write?
I had no desire to write until four years ago. After 7 knee and two shoulder operations, I was climbing walls. I asked my wife. ‘Where can I go to release myself from this incarceration?’ ‘Try the kitchen,’ didn’t go down too well so I tried again. ‘Come on, what can I do?’ ‘Try the washing up,’ didn’t go down too well either. And then came that light-bulb moment when my better half said. ‘Why don’t you write your feelings down?’ I was up the stairs just faster than a snail and wrote a diary of getting old. It was crap, I was crap, as my new writing group friends told me ever so nicely. So I went back to school, and started from the beginning.

Who inspires you? 
The work of David Gemmell, the acknowledged master of epic fantasy, had a way with words that allowed my imagination to run freely as I read his books. And J.R.R.Tolkien is to blame for my red rimmed eyes and my tardines…

Other Worlds: A Limited Edition Collection of Sci-FI Romance And Paranormal Romance

Other Worlds: A Limited Edition Collection of Science Fiction Romance and Paranormal Romance
Publication date: October 17th 2017
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction

Journey into a multiverse beyond the boundaries of your imagination…

21 award-winning and best-selling authors bring you the best of PARANORMAL and SCI-FI ROMANCE in this enticing boxed set of exclusive epic adventures.

Rogue spaceship captains, dark vampire lords, supernatural hunters, crafty hackers, uncompromising alien alphas, fearless shifters, and MORE await in this highly sought-after collection including BRAND NEW romantic, otherworldly tales!

Step into OTHER WORLDS as these fresh voices of SFR and PNR take you on a journey to immortal realms and extraterrestrial territories where your imagination takes flight and fantasies come to life.

PreOrder now to secure YOUR copy of this limited edition Sci-Fi Romance and Paranormal Romance collection!

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A Guest Post by Virtual FantasyCon 2017 Panels Admin Sarah Buhrman

I am so excited to be a part of the Virtual FantasyCon once more! Having participated the last two years, I was willing and ready to step into the role of managing the author panels for the event, but I was more than pleasantly surprised by the positive responses to them.

This year, we have a pretty great line-up, including authors from previous years and many who are brand new. The topics of the panels cover everything from Gender Issues to fantasy genres, such as Prehistoric Fantasy and Science-Fantasy, and dozens more in between!

In editing the videos, I’ve had the pleasure of watching all of them, and each one is full of wit, knowledge and humor. There have been moments of deep contemplation, and moments full of laughter.

I can say with great confidence that, if you love fantasy, as a reader or an author/artist, you are going to enjoy these panels.

We have done our best to make sure that you can find each of the authors involved in each panel, with links to their VFC booths in the…

A Virtual FantasyCon Participant: Excerpts by Author Mark McQuillen

Strong Language

Confrontation..From Legends IV...😛

"How do you know she's not here? Why do you get to feel her, and I can't? She's my fucking mate!" He shouted, and went back to hauling off and smashing rocks.
   Malice had to stop to think about that question for a moment as she watched Nyx move another boulder; and another. Five, maybe six more, tossing them behind him, barely missing the lot of them.
   "Hey, we're trying to help ye, asshole!" Jack protested barely sidestepping the last one.
   When Nyx picked up the another, Malice's hand came up with a burst of violet light, pieces of rock rained down on him. The Demon turned so fast, hissing at her like he was possessed.
   "Oh shit." She heard Jack gasp.
   "Move!" Morgan called out as another large rock sailed in their direction.
   The three of them scattered and Malice blinked out of the way, leaving the boulder to crash into a tree nearby.
   "Nyx, you stupid…