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Shadow and Poison The Dark Guard Book 1 by J.B. Curry - Paranormal Romance, hot paranormal noir

Shadow and Poison The Dark Guard Book 1 by J.B. Curry Genre: Paranormal Romance, hot paranormal noir Publisher: Arcanic Media Date of Publication: January 26 2021 ISBN: 978-1-7327900-2-5 ASIN: B08RLPVJGQ Number of pages:472 Word Count: 112,000 When monsters stalk the darkness of Prohibition era Chicago, it takes a special kind of hero to kill them. Private detective Mark Van Ryn’s supernatural power over shadow has made him an outcast his whole life. When a mutated creature starts eating Chicago’s gangsters from the inside out, Mark is the only man in the city who can hunt it down and destroy it. But a dangerous lady has a job for Mark too, one that might cost him more than his life. Gifted perfumer Eliza Karlova needs a man. The most evil man Chicago’s got. And she needs Mark to find him for her. Because Eliza has a deadly power of her own and a family legacy she’s doomed to keep. But when forbidden passion flames up between Eliza and the angelically handsome detective, she has

Overcoming Autoimmune Natural Health Warriors Book 1 by Tirzah Hawkins - Nonfiction, Health and Wellness

Overcoming Autoimmune Natural Health Warriors Book 1 by Tirzah Hawkins Genre: Nonfiction, Health and Wellness Are you looking for an accessible and actionable book to help you restore your health? Then look no further. In the pages of this book, you will learn some things you can do immediately to start feeling better now. This information is presented in a concise, easy-to-read format to help the reader avoid overwhelm.  You’ll learn how to rewire your thinking to become the healthy, energetic person you can be. "Breaking habits we don't like isn't about quitting something. It's about becoming something else." -Tirzah Hawkins  This book shows you how to look deeper than the symptoms and instead look at what is causing the symptoms: the root cause. Neglecting the cause is like trying to clear smoke out of a room without first putting out the fire. This book comes with complimentary access to a private support group and an online learning center full of additional

The Eagle and the Lynx by Michele James - Destined, Book 3 Historical Fantasy Romance - WE ARE OUR FUTURE

  Destined, Book 3 Historical Fantasy Romance Date Published: February 16, 2021 Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group WE ARE OUR FUTURE Alyssa asked Jerrik to marry her when she was eight-years-old. When he finally makes good on his promise to return when she's old enough to wed, nothing could prepare her for what becoming his queen truly means. Jerrik is haunted by a tortured past, and has done everything he can to avoid any ties to his parents' mistakes. Life has other plans, and against his wishes, he agrees to assume the cursed throne that has taken the lives of his loved ones. Now a king, he must wed, and the only real choice is his best friend's sister - the girl who has loved him since she was a child. His bride has grown into a beautiful, tempting woman, and Jerrik succumbs willingly to her charms. But lies and betrayal surround them at every turn, and while she holds true, he makes the ultimate mistake, almost ruining an incandescent love.   Other Boo

Replaced Part Transformed Nexus Book One by Stephanie Hansen - YA Sci-Fi - When a clopil named Vex warns you of danger…Listen!

Join the Live Release Day Celebration for Replaced Parts by Stephanie Hansen  at 10am EST on Facebook with special guest USA Today bestselling author Scarlett Kol. Replaced Parts Transformed Nexus  Book One by Stephanie Hansen Genre: YA Sci-Fi Publisher: Fire and Ice YA and Tantor Audio Date of Publication: 02/23/21 ISBN: 9781953735027 ASIN: B08RZB9PXL Number of pages: 232 Word Count: 67,770 Cover Artist: Caroline Andrus When a clopil named Vex warns you of danger…Listen! In the year 2163 a corrupt World Government controls everything on our planet and beyond.  Sixteen year-old Sierra has been so caught up in her own world of saving animal test subjects and her father’s disappearance, she hasn’t paid much attention. When she finally finds his location, she and her friend set off on a covert interplanetary mission to rescue him, she begins to see the corruption first hand.  Discovering that her father has been on the front lines secretl

Cherry Punch by Marvin Mason - Contemporary Romance, Urban Fiction - A double cross sends a couple of friends on the adventure for their lives.

Cherry Punch by Marvin Mason Genre: Contemporary Romance, Urban Fiction A double cross sends a couple of friends on the adventure for their lives. A chance run in with an old friend becomes a run for their lives when Sherry Rose and Benny Freeman have a misunderstanding with local drug dealers. Witnessing the massacre of friends of Sherry's double crossing boyfriend leads them to be hunted down by corrupt law enforcement.  Having a near death experience gives them a chance to start a romance they never knew the other wanted.  Will they survive when the bad guys close in on them and finally find the love they always wanted? Goodreads * Amazon Marvin Mason has arrived as a refreshing new storyteller with this fun adventure of young people and African-American Midwest life, the seemingly quiet but oh-so interesting world that molded me but rarely shows up in the media." Kalisha Buckhanon, American Library Association ALEX Award-winning author of Upstate and Conception, winner

Murder with Strings Attached by Mark Reutlinger

  This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions . Mark Reutlinger will be awarding a $25 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour. Sometimes even the most carefully conceived burglary can take an unexpected turn. Florence Palmer has her eye on concert violinist Aaron Levy's priceless violin. Unfortunately, she finds it's already been stolen. Her surprise doubles when the virtuoso she'd planned to burgle offers to hire her to help him steal it back. But they're not the only ones looking for the missing violin. When Flo inadvertently becomes the prime suspect in a case of murder, she and Aaron need to clear her name. Will they find the real killer and get the violin back to its rightful owner without anyone else, especially themselves, being killed? Read an Excerpt Passing the front desk on my way to the elevator, I wanted to avoid eye con