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Spending a few minutes with Danielle Rose

An Interview with Author Danielle Rose Bio Danielle Rose holds a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine. Currently residing in the Midwest, where she spends her days dreaming of warmer temperatures, when she’s not writing, she enjoys pretending she lives in California, spending an embarrassing amount of time at Hobby Lobby, and binge-watching Netflix. Visit Danielle on the Web: . Genre: Romance Tell us a little bit about why you write in your chosen genre, and if you have books in other genres as well. I love a good love story. It’s something I look for in all of the books I read, so it was natural for me to write about romance. My Blood Books trilogy is urban fantasy and paranormal romance, and this September, my publisher is releasing my horror debut, a short story titled Her . That’s the only thing I’ve written that doesn’t have a love story weaved through! Tell us about your first book.  The firs

Hi I'm Brandy!

Hi everyone I thought I'd introduce myself before we kick everything off. I love to read, and I'll read just about anything. My four kids keep me hopping, but I still carry my kindle with me everywhere, so I can read any spare minute I can. I plan on posting new books as often as possible but at least every other week. I am going to Writer's On the River in Peoria, IL on July 8th, and should come back with all kinds of new books and photos to share. Let me know if there are any specific authors or genres your interested in, and I'll do my best to include them. Let's keep it clean, and have fun!

Elizabeth Stephens Cover Reveal -Coming July 16th 2017-

Cover Real The Hunting Town by Elizabeth Stephens Drugs, cartels, the mafia. Pain, greed, and revenge. When an unexpected murder brings the Russian mob down on their heads, five brothers brought together by the foster system will have to forge a bond deeper than blood if they want to stay alive, defend their town, and protect the women they love.  Summary Plumeria had never thought herself a destroyer of lives, until she brought destruction onto the lives of five brothers. Drugs, cartels, the mafia. Pain, greed, and revenge. These are what Plumeria brought with her when she took a new job tending bar in the fighting pits outside of town – fighting pits owned by the Brothers. Brought together by the foster system, Knox wouldn't have put anything before his other brothers – not even his own life – until he met Mer. But when her life is put at risk, he intervenes, dragging all of his brothers with him into her world. Dixon wants Mer gone. She's the da

New Release, By Raven Williams

***New Release*** The Beast & The Sleeping Prince Summary A long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away, a young prince is born.  When his parents choose not to invite the Ruler of a nearby kingdom to the celebration of the prince's birth, he crashes the party and curses the child; a curse which will bring about his death on his eighteenth birthday. Luckily for the princely babe and his parents, the Faery Queen had yet to bestow her gift upon the child.  Using her magic, she changes the curse from death to a long sleep. In the meantime, in the Sorcerer's own realm, a girl is born to a peasant couple.  When they cannot meet their tax burden, the Sorcerer King claims the babe as his own, declaring she will become his bride on her eighteenth birthday or be doomed to walk the land as a beast. Join James as he, once again, uses magic to twist two of his favorite books, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast, into one story, The Beast & the Sleeping Pr

Welcome to the new 'Meet the Author' blog

Hello and Welcome to Old Friends and New Arrivals I closed down the old ' Meet the Author ' blog some time ago, due to low participation. It seems there is more interest now, as well as new endeavors such as Pipe&Thimble, the first Indie bookstore of it's kind in the Los Angeles, area, and my own new business, Mystic Cove Soaps where the soaps are inspired by my own, and sometimes friends, fantasy characters. If it's book related; Artists who make covers, trailers, teasers, etc ... it can be posted here. We may also showcase some Artisans on occasion, too. It's fun to know about the illustrators that draw the images of characters we know and love, and I've always felt like writing is an art-form itself. As I always say on my writer's prompts blog, the possibilities are endless. This is a place to showcase Author trailers, books, and stories that are coming in the future, and to showcase new covers. I have two ready to post as I type. There will be