Welcome to the new 'Meet the Author' blog

Hello and Welcome to Old Friends and New Arrivals

I closed down the old 'Meet the Author' blog some time ago, due to low participation. It seems there is more interest now, as well as new endeavors such as Pipe&Thimble, the first Indie bookstore of it's kind in the Los Angeles, area, and my own new business, Mystic Cove Soaps where the soaps are inspired by my own, and sometimes friends, fantasy characters. If it's book related; Artists who make covers, trailers, teasers, etc ... it can be posted here. We may also showcase some Artisans on occasion, too. It's fun to know about the illustrators that draw the images of characters we know and love, and I've always felt like writing is an art-form itself. As I always say on my writer's prompts blog, the possibilities are endless.

This is a place to showcase Author trailers, books, and stories that are coming in the future, and to showcase new covers. I have two ready to post as I type. There will be posts for events, and some ad's, but it will be something you can easily sift through, or scroll past, as your interest moves you. Guest posts by Authors are a great way to get to know a little bit of what they are about. Watch for those too. There may even be some first chapters posted, if they aren't too long. Stories with adult material may be posted, but they will be clearly marked as such, and nudity or inappropriate content for younger readers will not be accepted.

Brandy Mulder will be posting reviews, her own, as well as from other Readers, on Brandy's Book Nook, every other Tuesday. If she has more content, she may post each week, but Brandy will be sharing more on that later, so I'll leave the details to her.

If you're interested in being showcased here, just follow the instructions on the Authors' page.  I'll be adding necessary updates as needed.

Happy Reading Everyone.
Jena Baxter


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