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Here are the details

Posts will be posted in the order they are received, with the exception of accepted 'timed' posts, such as cover reveals, or anything else that presents itself with a time issue. Timed items will not be accepted less than two weeks from the needed date of post.

By choosing to post on the site you agree to share your interview/spotlight on all media formats you're a part of.

While erotica will be accepted, it needs to be marked 'Adult Content.' No nudity or teasers will be posted with sexual scenes. This is due to younger readers. You can forward readers to your website or social media in the interview.

Still interested? Send an email to with the word 'Interview, Guest Post, or Cover Reveal,' as applies to you, as the subject. Please include the answers to the following questions:

I am an Author and I write (Genre)
I would like to do

Choose one
A cover reveal with summary
An interview
A spotlight
A guest post: Please include more information.

I will send you instructions, and a date of post from there, if you are accepted.

Book related Interviews such as something you sell that applies to your stories
Artisan Interview/Showcase, such as Book covers, teasers, trailers, artwork of any kind that you make to sell.
If you fall into these categories, contact me @ the address above, and I’ll put a plan together if it appropriately fits the blog.

About Guest Posts

I’ve found guest posts on blogs to garner a lot of attention. I’ve showed up to thank someone for hosting me on a tour, and found readers discussing my books and post. They are somehow difficult to come up with, but I highly recommend them.

Here are some ideas:
Write something about your genre. You can make the topic serious, or fun. I wrote one about how ridiculous the alpha male we read about would be in real life, but in books romance readers love them. It was humorous and fun, and readers loved it. Look for things to poke fun at, or things that are maybe misunderstood. Is your genre choice personal? Tell the reader why, they might relate to the way you feel.

Tell us about your main characters, and why you chose the personality traits you chose for them. Is there something quirky about them? Why did you give them that trait, and how does it affect the story.

You can write about what books mean to you. Why you write, or read.

Topics are as diverse as your genre and story. Maybe write about where ideas come from or an author that you learned so much from. But don’t make it an ad. This is where the reader can feel you as a person, writer of their favorite books. They want to relate to you.

Do you like dragons, unicorns, romance, mystery. Pick a topic and roll with it.

You can teach us about the geographical area of your story/stories. This is great for urban fantasy and historical romance.

You could explain how it is, going from one world to another.

Write about what your day is like. Work, family, writing, reading, chores. It can be fun, or it can be daunting. I try to keep things light.

Whatever you choose:
No Nudity or inappropriate adult material. Mark Adult content at the top if the book is erotica.
Please avoid politics
Do a grammar and spell check. These errors will be a reflection on you.


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