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Heather Hildenbrand


This book is about a girl named Samantha. She has lost her memory of something that happened to her, and it was so traumatizing it has changed her entire personality. She lives in fear and she doesn't know why. Alex is a werewolf hunter who has been poisoned by werewolf venom, and it is slowly killing him. The last thing Alex expects is to run into Sam as he searches for a cure, and his lies start to unwind as he finds she is the key to his survival. The trouble is, he knows what happened to her, and why she can't remember. 

I found myself drawn irresistibly to this story. Samantha is so broken and fragmented as she struggles to survive with irrational fears, and memory loss. She tries to get help, but nothing works, and she walks around scared of men, dogs, and the dark for no reason. She moves to be with her aunt who practices magic, but whatever caused her memory loss causes her to forget anything supernatural that she sees. She just thinks that she works with strange people with odd habits. I think what is so interesting about this story is that she is tough and strong trying everything possible to fix something she doesn't understand, but she's just pieces of herself. This really brings up an interesting side to the thought that your experiences make you who you are. What if you can't remember the experiences? You react a certain way, but you don't know why.

Alex is a piece of Sam's past, but she doesn't know it. He was there for the event that changed her life, but if she remembers then his secrets will come out. She's the only one who may be able to cure him, but when she remembers everything she may just hate him. He has no choice however, after Sam becomes a target of rabid werewolves, and bringing back her memory is the only way to save her, and himself.

The narrator does an excellent job bringing the characters to life, and adding slight accents here and there. I gave it five stars because the complexity of Sam. It really just kind of fascinated me to the point that I listened to this book all day, and in to the night. I really wanted to know what had happened to her, and how she would handle the truth. There is violence, some cursing, and a little bit of suggestive language, but no sex. I would say ages 16-18+. You can find it on audible at the following link:

and amazon, available in KU, at the following link:


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