Brandy's Book Nook: Review of Millie and Cupcake (children's book)

Millie And Cupcake


Mildred Potash


It is kind of unusual to see a review of a children's book, but I wanted to put this one out there. I was asked in 2015 by a promotional group if I would review this book. I said well I'll read it to my kids and see how it goes. They loved it. Could not get enough of it. It became a nightly read for weeks till I had to find ways to interest them in other books. Why bring it back up now? They still ask me to read it. It's been years and they still randomly ask me to read it to them. I know I know it's crazy, but true. I pulled it up on Amazon this morning and I'm sad to say there is only 17 reviews. You can still find mine very easily as it is the fifth one.

I think what puts parents off is the book is about a girl who moves to a big city when her dad gets a new job, and adopts a pet rat. Yes a rat. Now I know what your thinking. Rat? Yuck, no way. However, the part that really matters and sticks with my kids is how this little girl loves her pet, and takes care of cupcake. I had to wrap my mind around accepting that the pet is a rat, but my kids didn't care. They just wanted to know all about Millie taking care of her pet. Also, with the popular movie Ratatouille out now, I think more parents would be accepting of a pet rat.

So in the end I give this book five stars one for the staying power, and believe me at first I tried to encourage my kids toward other books, and two for talking to kids about moving and still being able to find a pet to love. I also give it kudos for being a different kind of pet than normally talked about.

You can find it on amazon at the following link:


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