Brandy's Book Nook: Review Teeth of the God's audio book

Teeth of the Gods


Sarah K. L. Wilson


Teeth of the Gods is about a teen girl named Tylira who is a princess of sorts that has been kept in a house training with her other sisters, so she may be of value and usefulness to the empire when she gets older. However, she struggles to find a way to use magic, and is stubborn and spoiled. Shortly after finding out that her mother was killed, her step-mother comes to escort her to a binding ceremony and takes over her training.

Her step-mother is determined to teach her some tough lessons, and Tylira is just as determined to be free. This deadly mix has Tylira making impulsive decisions, and those around her facing the deadly consequences. 

I enjoyed this story. There is adventure, danger, and magic woven into a story about harsh realities when growing up. There is no adult content, but there is a lot of violence. There is a dark undertone to the lessons her step-mom is trying to teach, and her step-mom is one determined woman. Tylira is childish and selfish in the beginning, but she learns her lessons well. She has to if everyone is going to survive.

I should note there is not much world building in this one. I almost gave it 4 stars for this and the character growth, but with the way the story ends Tylira makes a big jump in the way she handles things.

You can find the audio book on audible at the following link:

You can find the ebook on Amazon at the following link and it free in KU:


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