Brandy's Book Nook: Review audio book Formation: Age of Expansion

Age of Expansion


Sarah Noffke, J. N. Chaney, Michael Anderle


I am a big fan of Sarah Noffke and her books. This is her first space opera, so I thought I'd check it out. It is set in the world of Michael Anderle's The Kurtherian Gambit series, and I have not read any of those books. After this book I want to though!

Formation is about a former military pilot named Eddie. He is recruited to help run a special unit that works in secret to protect the federation from enemies that the army can't go after openly without starting fights with their allies. Someone is trying to destroy the federation, and going out of their way to keep their identity a secret. It's up to Eddie, enhanced soldier Julianna, and their crew to stop this new enemy.

The story line is excellent, and the world building was really interesting as different aliens and their worlds were revealed through out the book. I really like the engineer who resembles an octopus and can expand or condense his body as needed. While I can't wait to see what happens in the next book, and I want to read the original series, I felt I had to give at least the audio version four stars. I just could not get past the voice the narrator used for Eddie. He's a grown man, and a former military pilot. However, the narrator makes him sound like an excitable teenager. I think it's the slightly higher pitch he used. All of the other characters sound great, but Eddie's voice just bugged me. 

I do recommend this book though, and plan to continue the series myself. There is cursing, violence, and attitude. No explicit adult content.

You can find it on audible at the following link:

You can find it on amazon at the following link where it is free in KU:

You can find the first book of the Kurtherian Gambit series on amazon at the following link where it is also free in KU:


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