THE LAST GHOST by Jamie Blake ***Author Interview-Giveaway***

The Last Ghost

Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Release Date: October 1st 2018

Christian Orland is dead, and everyone in his life is doing their best to understand what happened.

Especially Woe, the sixteenth Fatality, who knows that she was assigned the wrong case when she stopped his heart, but also knew she had to do it, or risk being destroyed herself.

Woe only handles expected death, and not many people expect to die in an accident. However, not many people have the history of Christian Orland. That history is now tormenting his brother Noah, the keeper of all of Christian’s dangerous secrets, his childhood friend Ellery, who he once swore he would love “until he died,” and his girlfriend Melissa, who can’t understand why she is the only person not haunted by ghosts.

Woe teams up with the Fatality who she thinks should have had Christian’s case, and the ghosts of Christian’s past to try to solve the mystery of how he ended up as her case. As they try to unravel some of Christian’s lies, they begin to uncover something far more sinister.

Together, the most important people in Christian’s life and death must work to restore order from the chaos his death caused in the lives of those who loved him, and in realms he could not imagine, before free will is lost forever.

The Last Ghost Author Interview

Welcome to Jena’s Bookworms

Tell us about your writing career. How long have you been writing?

I started The Last Ghost in college, so it took about ten years from first words to publishing date, but with a lot of breaks in between to focus on other works. However, I’ve been writing stories since I could write, and telling them for longer.

How did you choose your genre?
The Last Ghost is Urban Fantasy, which was always explained to me as our world, with a little magic in it. Since I’m a person who finds a little magic in the ordinary, that seemed like the right fit for me.

Tell us a little about the books you’ve published. Series, or stand-alone?
The Last Ghost is my debut novel, and was also contemplated as a stand-alone, but lately I have been toying with a possible sequel.

What inspires your work?
I usually start with a what if question. Then I fill it in with an interesting character and “yes and” myself like I’m an improv partner. I think for The Last Ghost there were a few what ifs. What if Death itself thought Death had made a mistake? Yes, and what if Death is not like how we typically imagine death, and was instead a doll-like little girl? Yes, and what if there were actually many Deaths, and that’s just one of them? And so on…

So I try to just focus on an interesting what if, and then build the story around that.

Who are your favorite authors, and what is it that draws you to them?
I’m really drawn to writers who combine really elegant, beautifully written sentences with extraordinarily well developed characters. I think Celeste Ng does a great job on this in “Little Fires Everywhere.” I also really need to tip my hat to Christopher Pike—when I say I write smart novels for teens, I remember him. He makes you think!

Are you working on a story now?
Yes. I’m working on a possible sequel to The Last Ghost, and a different book entirely.

The other book is about an all-girls’ high school championship winning basketball team, and whether you make your own luck—including bad luck.

Please tell us more about it.
It involves a family of 5 sisters red-haired sisters, an alum with a 100% free throw record, a 6 foot tall center/power forward, 1 coach with inappropriate relationships, and too many secrets.

What do you anticipate your release date to be?
The Last Ghost comes out in October 1. I would guess 2020 for the other story, especially if I do the sequel first.

Any stories sitting on the back-burner?
Too Many! I have a high fantasy trilogy that I have been writing in my head for twenty years, another different ya novel about sisters (I am a sister expert), and another urban fantasy novel.

Thank you!

About the Author

Jamie Blake writes smart books for young adults and teens. Born in Massachusetts, she is the third of four sisters, which by literary tradition makes her the bookish one. Jamie earned degrees in literature at the University of Rochester and public policy at Cornell University. She was an elementary school teacher in North Carolina before moving to Upstate New York, where she lives with her family, including identical twin cats. The Last Ghost coming October 1, 2018 from 50/50 press is her first novel.

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