Dahlia's Delights Review by MemRE

Publication Date: June 8, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Book 2 in the heart-warming Flowers of Avenel contemporary romance series, complete with HEA. It can be read as a stand-alone novel. 


As a teen, Dahlia Collins swore that she’d escape the sandy beaches of her little hometown of Avenel on The Hidden Banks Islands. She’d dreamt big for herself, craving the adventure and success that could only be found in a big city. But life in the big city turned tumultuous, and the overwhelming swells of betrayal and financial struggle carried her back home to Avenel. Taking over Dahlia’s Delights Bakery should have been easy for her, except it wasn’t. The bakery was bleeding money. Someone was sabotaging her business. She needed to discover the saboteur and save her bakery before her hopes and dreams were crushed.


Mark Lane was a simple man with simple needs. He had his health and a successful career as the police lieutenant on a beautiful island off the coast of North Carolina. That was all he needed, or thought he needed, until he walked into Dahlia’s Delights. When he saw her, his brain whirled with surprise. The young teen he’d last laid eyes on a decade ago was now a grown beauty. His heart double-tapped. His blood heated and strummed through his veins. Gone was the girl he’d teased in his youth. Instead, an auburn-haired beauty with emerald eyes robbed him of rational thought.


When Dahlia looks across the display counter and locks eyes with Mark, all the feelings she’d had for him rushed through her again. Her heart palpitated, desire cloaked her, and she was thirteen again. Falling in love with him would be so easy. Dang it, she was already halfway there.

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Dahlia’s Delights review by MemRE

 A story of deceit, mystery, struggle, and romance. There are many layers to this story and I greatly enjoyed wondering and anticipating how each would unfold. From the corrupt thoughts that a little cheating is okay when it comes to business to the forbidden romance that can now begin; I was drawn in and ate up the book like a delicious cupcake.

 The main character is facing many struggles from both her business and personal life. The supporting characters also face their own issues, helping to create a depth to the story. The descriptive scenery places the reader right on the boardwalk watching everything unfold.

 The narration is fairly smooth as the story moves from one character to the next so the reader can follow the ebb and flow. There are a couple places in the story that kind of jump and don't seem to completely fit, that is why I can only give this book 4 stars. With that being said, I definitely think it is worth a read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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