She’s a Spitfire by Chloe Liese (Tough Love #2) ***Interview: Find out character Zed and Nairne's top five relationship rules -- Giveaway***

She’s a Spitfire 

by Chloe Liese 

(Tough Love #2)

Publication date: June 24th 2019
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

One fiery-haired, sexy scientist finds her perfect complement in a dark and handsome soccer star. Opposites attract, and they’ve got chemistry that’s explosive—literally.

Physics calls it entropy. Philosophy calls it Murphy’s Law: If something can go wrong, eventually it will. Professionally and personally speaking, Zed’s familiar with the principle. After a decade of trying to alter the atomic makeup of the mafia from its nucleus, now he’s set on leaving The Life and pursuing his heart. Problem is, the sassy, hot-headed spitfire he can’t quit is meddling in his slow burn escape plan, and turning it into full-on combustion.

Not to mention, Nairne’s got a painful history she won’t talk about and more secrets than she has lab instruments—which is really saying something. In an ideal world, the bad boy footballer would follow the brainy beauty overseas and they’d live happily ever after. But Murphy’s Law is proven true, as Zed finds his world imploding and his escape plan foiled. These enemies turned lovers end up discovering how costly it can be to meet the right person at the wrong time.

A present he can’t escape.

A past she can’t forget.

A future they won’t stop fighting for.

They say all’s fair in love…and war.

Book Two in the Tough Love Series—an enemies to lovers, suspenseful romance, full of sexy Italians, feisty heroines, globe-trotting action, and an ending that’ll both satisfy you and leave you ready for more!

An Interview on the Top Five Relationship Rules with Nairne & Zed

by Chloe Liese

Interviewer: So, I figured I’d prompt you to tell us your five most important rules for relationships, beginning with most important, then we can work our way down to least important. How’s that sound?

Zed: Sure thing.

Nairne: So are we alternating, or just listing? I’m not sure the process is clear to me…

Zed: [pats her hand] She’s methodical. It’s a scientist thing. Let’s just start.

Interviewer: Zed, why don’t you start us off?
Zed: [quirks his mouth, glances over at Nairne]. Is what I say here usable against me in the court of the bedroom after we leave?

Nairne: [nods vigorously] Absolutely.

Zed: Shit. Okay. Well…First is…mutuality. You both need to want the same thing from each other and life.

Nairne: [smiles at Zed appreciatively] I like this side of you.

Zed: [grins, purses his lips in thought] Second is chemistry. You need to be attracted to each other. If you don’t have that, it’s the friend zone.

Nairne: I wouldn’t say that. I think we have friends who have chemistry but are only friends.

Zed: [wiggles his eyebrows] For now.

Nairne: All I’m saying is, you can be friends and have chemistry.

Zed: Fine, but you can’t be more than friends without it. It’s like all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares, fragolina.

Nairne: [tilts her head in thought] Fair enough.

Zed: Okay, I’m finishing strong. After mutuality and chemistry, comes compatibility of interests, next, healthy differences, and finally, the ability to socialize together.

Naire: I agree with that last one. I love that we share friends. I think I might say chemistry isn’t just about bodies, but minds. I need to respect a man’s intellect as much as I desire his body.

Zed: You hear that folks? I’ve got brains and brawns.

Nairne: [smacks his chest] But I agree, you need to be mutually invested, expecting the same thing. I’ll add chemistry of the mind to chemistry of your persons/bodies. Your interests need to overlap to be able to do things together and care about what the other person fancies. Healthy differences keep things interesting, rather than having a twin for a partner—no thank you.

Interviewer: You two sound quite like-minded on this.

Zed: What, does that surprise you?

Interviewer: You do seem to bicker like it’s your calling.

Nairne: We do, but I think it’s because we’re safe to quibble about the small things since we see eye to eye on the important points. [frowns, turns to Zed] Now you’ve got me all hot and bothered over your emotional intelligence and insight.

Zed: [kisses her and sits back]. Good to hear, innamorata. Now can we get out of here or what?

Author Bio:

Chloe’s always been a sucker for a suspenseful steamy romance, ever since she managed to find the one saucy mystery series hiding in her high school’s prim little library. Nothing drives her crazier than a story that cranks up the heat, then closes the door on the reader’s face, so don’t read her books if you don’t want to know what actually happens when the lights fade to black…

When she’s not writing, Chloe’s busy reading books of all genres, rereading Harry Potter (which she can’t help but make her characters similarly obsessed over), and playing catch-up with her bad@$$ little girls. She’s also been known to scramble around the pitch for a pick-up soccer match and run along the river while dreaming up her next book.

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