Sealer’s Game by Kathy Coleman (Sealer Saga #1) ***Adult - Fantasy - Romance - Spotlight - Guest Post - Giveaway***

Sealer’s Game 

by Kathy Coleman 

(Sealer Saga #1)

Publication date: October 22nd 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned…

As Champion, Carita of Bel Auryn thought she would spend her days fighting demons. Instead, she is drawn into the latest scheme of the Moon Goddess, Ruby: a contest to choose a man who will have the “honour” of fathering her child. When Ruby encourages Carita to choose a man for herself, she picks the man she is most drawn to–and immediately regrets it.

Lucian Veradayne is the Lord of Death. He knows he must win Ruby’s game at any cost. It doesn’t matter that he has avoided her for two thousand years. Nor that she tried to kill their first child. And it really doesn’t matter that he would much rather woo Carita. The Soul Well has given Lucian a prophecy: he and Ruby must have another child. A child who will save the world.

Dealing with their mutual attraction will be the least of Lucian and Carita’s problems. They are not the only ones who have been drawn into Ruby’s game. Someone else wants to win. Someone who wants Ruby dead. Will Carita and Lucian be able to protect her long enough for a victor to be named? And if they succeed, will they be able to walk away from each other to ensure the prophecy is fulfilled?

Sealer’s Game is a 55,000 word fantasy romance novella about the King of the Underworld, a kick-butt warrior priestess, and a ruthless goddess who will stop at nothing to get her own way. It contains language, descriptions of violence, and sexual themes that may not be appropriate for all readers. Recommended for ages 18+.

Guest Post

Top 10 Favorite Characters 

by Kathy Coleman

Stevie Rae and Rephaim

These two are from P.C. and Kristin Cast’s House of Night series. Stevie Rae is the best friend of the series’ main protagonist, Zoey. She goes through a very interesting transformation during the series and has a lot of interesting layers as a character. I also relate to her love of country music. Rephaim is Stevie Rae’s main love interest and the interactions between the two are probably my favorite thing about the entire series. I don’t want to say anything more because talking about them as a couple would be loaded with spoilers, but they are one of my favorite romantic pairings of all time—and cool characters on their own as well.

Katniss and Peeta

These two are from The Hunger Games and they represent one of the very few times I have ever rooted for the right person in a love triangle. I enjoyed reading about Katniss and Peeta together from word go and when things got crazy in Mockingjay it nearly ripped my heart out. But as with each character here, they both have interesting quirks that made them stand out. With Suzanne Collins releasing a prequel in May next year, I may actually need to re-read this series so the context will fit properly. Will my heart be able to survive it? We’ll have to wait and see.

Percen de Locke and Heather Mercer

These two are from Gena Showalter’s The Stone Prince. Percen is the book’s villain, and Heather is a character he crosses paths with who eventually becomes his love interest. I remember being totally stunned when I read the book and followed these two’s subplot. It had never fully occurred to me before that a villain could have a love interest—or that things could end happily for them. It became one of my goals as an author to someday pull this off in my own work the way this book made that idea work for me. I was actually so impressed that I wrote Gena Showalter—and I still have her response in one of the folders of my e-mail inbox fifteen years later.

Adrien and Kelsey
These two are from Silver by Terry Bolryder. What initially drew me to them was the difference in their backgrounds, especially with him being a dragon. What made them actually list-worthy is their connection to each other and how each draws out courage, compassion, and growth in the other. I also like how fiercely protective Adrien is of Kelsey without turning into a controlling, possessive jerk. So often paranormal authors can confuse the two or make them seem like a package deal and that totally doesn’t need to be true. Both characters here get legitimate moments of heroism, which is rather refreshing.

The heroine of Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Firebrand, this is Kassandra of Troy brought to life in all of her glory and disaster. What I love about Kassandra is that no matter how much the odds are against her, she keeps going. She is constantly re-evaluating her life and taking action to do the best with whatever situation she finds herself in. And as a woman living in the ancient world, that’s not easy! I found this book at a Value Village in my teens and became totally obsessed with it. While I’ve chosen to highlight Kassandra, Firebrand does a fantastic job of bringing all the major players of the Trojan War to life with a rich depth of character and an emphasis on the women—Kassandra, Hecuba, Creusa, Andromache, Pentheselia, etc. If you like Greek mythology and interesting takes on female historical figures, I’d strongly recommend reading this.

Severus Snape

Snape became my favorite Harry Potter character from the first time I read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. While most people in the wizarding world are intrigued with Harry or in awe of his lightning shaped scar, Snape dislikes him from word go and as the series progresses we find out why and learn about the history between Snape and Harry’s parents. Yet Snape plays a vital role in the series and is responsible for several major things that happen. What I like about him is that, to some extent, it isn’t clear for most of the series whether he is truly a hero or a villain. For an author writing middle grade / early YA fiction, that’s no small feat to keep up.

Author Bio:

Kathy Coleman lives in a little town in Ontario with her parents, one younger brother and two mischievous little dogs named D'Argo and Coco. She attended Trent University, majoring in English and Cultural Studies.

When she is not being kept awake at 3 a.m. by characters who refuse to quit talking, she can be found performing karaoke at charity events, updating her book blog I Write, I Read, I Review, shopping, or playing video games.

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