The Demon’s Fire Blood Coven Series Book 2 by T. M. Smith - Paranormal Romance - When fire meets ice, romance sizzles.

The Demon’s Fire
Blood Coven Series
Book 2 
by T. M. Smith

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Date of Publication: May 26, 2023
ISBN: 978-0-3695-0823-2
Number of pages: 437
Word Count: 117,584
Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

When fire meets ice, romance sizzles.

He’s not her type at all…

The commander is a barbarian. Despite a sexy smile and hot body, nothing can smooth the brute’s ragged edges. Besides, demons need a daily dose of sex. Skyler Maxwell has no intention of becoming a food source.

She’s not his type at all…

The chief legal officer of the Alliance is a buttoned-up, prissy human with frost in her veins. But Kole is stuck playing tour guide for her while she’s on his realm. He was ordered to “play nice.”

Together, Skyler and Kole are fire and ice…

She has a bullseye on her back, and the animus demon is her best chance to stay out of the line of fire. Trapped in a hostile environment, they survive mystical monsters and treacherous attacks. Despite the perils and their differences, their romance ignites, proving fire and ice sizzle. 

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Guest Post
What Drives My Main Character?
by T. M. Smith

Most readers would agree that at the beginning of The Demon’s Fire, book two in the Blood Coven Series, Skyler Maxwell is not likable. But she grows on you. Why? Because of what drives her.

She is haughty and cold toward others, icily efficient, and ambitious. All true. But how could she not be this way? Like all of us, her personality was formed not only by nature but also by nurture.

Skyler’s father was a demanding man who had wanted a son. Instead, fate gave him a daughter, whom he molded into a functioning machine who relied on her head and buried her heart. He created her in his own image, fashioning her life, her career, and even a fiancé. She grew up with no mother, only a stream of uncaring nannies. Not allowed a childhood, she had no parties. No holiday celebrations. No father-daughter dances. No movie night or tuck-me-ins at bedtime. No birthday gifts. No puppies. No kittens. No hugs. No kisses.

Was she grateful for her father’s firm-fisted guidance? She thought she was. Then she meets the fiery Commander Kole, an animus demon. Underneath the St. John’s suits and perfectly coifed hair, the “real” Skyler begins to emerge. She’s funny, caring, loyal, and loving. I don’t know about the reader, but I like her a hell of a lot better.


Kole sheathed his blade, turned, and offered Skyler his hand. When she placed her pale, trembling fingers in his palm, he drew her close to his body. She raised her chin to stare into his fire-gold eyes.

Kole bent toward her, his lips drawing nearer. When his mouth brushed hers, rather than push him away, she opened to him. Kole’s lips pressed hard against hers, his tongue thrusting inside, his exploration wild, hungry.

Skyler gasped, shocked by either the kiss or her response. Her knees weakened, her hands resting on Kole’s warm chest for support. Short bursts of electricity flowed into her, eliciting soft moans as he pulled her tighter against him, his arousal a hard prod at her belly.

When he withdrew, he met her gaze with confusion. He cleared his throat. “Choose, Chief Maxwell. Dermott or me?”

About the Author:

After retiring from my career as a teacher and principal, I settled in to write something more creative than lesson plans on split infinitives and inner-school memos on noise in the hallway. 

Vampires, demons, elves, mages, and other magical beings keep me awake at night with their tales of love and adventure. Taking great interest in their lives, I began a paranormal romance series with alpha males who aren't always nice and females who have no problem keeping them in line. The Firebrand is the first book in the Blood Coven Series.

Here are more orts, scraps, and fragments from my life. (Thank you, Virginia Wolf and Shakespeare.) I moved from sunny Las Vegas to the less-than-sunny Pacific Northwest. Here I have adventures with my daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters who also moved to the area. I also enjoy my membership at Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network (BARN), a local organization that supports the arts and offers classes and events in eleven different studios. It was at BARN where my critique group began. With equal time given to in-depth comments on each other's works, snarky remarks, and laughter, we have now been together over five years.



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